What’s the origin of the name of the English “Arsenal” football team?

Also, if they improved the youth system and let clubs breed their own youngsters rather than get them through the Super Draft

The SuperDraft is a annual thing that exists in every other American sport where eligible players are registered and then picked by teams in a rotisserie style starting with the worst team to the best to maintain some form of parity (aka everyone is at the same level of crap)


I think most foreigners who have gone to play in the USA have been in the twilight years of their careers. if US soccer was at that level I’d be a fan.

What is the Designated Player Rule, and what is a draft?

Well, essentially, there is no choice involved for the players, but no, the club that performs worst in the league gets the best players, but the designated player rule means that each team can bring in a player in the same way the European clubs bring in a player

If the MLS just got rid of the damn Designated Player Rule and the salary cap, you could have mega clubs in LA Galaxy or New York Red Bull, rather than have to build a team that can only attract talent that takes a major pay cut. That must make a huge difference.


There are some good Americans playing in the Premiership – especially goalkeepers:


great answer

Very different from Europe then – does that mean that players have no choice about where they play (and live, presumably)? The clubs with the biggest pockets get the best players and some of their salaries are of movie star proportions.

Oh, the MLS has a salary cap and each team is allowed to have one player that can exceed the cap (think David Beckham), this spot can be traded to other teams as a spot for the Designated player.

In American football I’ve only heard of it being an issue once, many years ago, when John Elway (one of the very best quarterbacks of all time) was drafted by the then-lousy Baltimore Colts but said he’d play pro baseball unless he was traded, which he was.

I was just walking on the treadmill during lunch, watching a little of their game w/ Chelsea… Those that go to play in the English Premiership are at the peak of their abilities

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