Trouble getting Premier League Tickets?

I recommend the following matches if you can get tickets for any of them: . with the week #5 game between MUFC and LFC

at the magnificent “Theatre of Dreams” stadium,

being the acknowledged highlight of the superb EPL season. …..

You probably need to wait about a month ( pure guess ) before you can get any tickets for EPL matches.

No time has yet elapsed for:

Good luck, I hope you get tickets for a match that you will enjoy as much as the rest of your visit to the UK.

(a) week #1 ( circa 08 Aug ) – Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur;

(b) week #2 ( circa 15 Aug ) – Manchester City vs Chelsea;

(c) week #3 ( circa 22 Aug ) – Arsenal vs Liverpool;

(d) week #5 ( circa 17 Sep ) – Manchester United v Liverpool;

(a) rescheduling for contracted TV broadcasts; or

(b) printing of tickets.


The fixture list for the 2015/16 season was only just published today

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