Should Online Sports Betting Be Legal in New York?

– There was a strong reaction from many sports fans Sunday at City Line Bar and Grill in Albany after learning Tuesday’s news that state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is attempting to put an end to sports betting sites in New York.

He also says the law has never been challenged before and could get kicked back to lawmakers to decide.

FanDuel has stopped allowing new deposits from state residents citing their current court proceedings, so all sports betting fans can do is sit and wait.

“A game of skill is doing your re search and having less than 1 percent chance to win and I strongly believe that is fan duel and draft kings,” said Puszkarczuk.

“They could determine whether or not it’s legal or not, more likely how much of a cut and control the state will have over it and that maybe where this is headed, more state control so the state can make money off it,” said DerOhannesian. Time Warner Cable News Reporter Michael Howard has more.

“I think the state is hypocritical with not allowing FanDuel or Draft Kings, when you look at what’s going on in the state there’s a new scratch off coming out every week or month,” said sports fan Tom Puszkarczuk.

“This is the type of legal proceeding that everyone has a case,” said lawyerPaul DerOhannesian. The two sites have a combined 1 million users in New York, according toEilers Research, which specializes in gaming sector research.

. What does that mean?,” said DerOhannesian.

In court documents, Schneiderman argues because sports betting is not allowed in the state, websites FanDuel and Draft Kings are operating illegally.

“What’s interesting is different states have defined how much chance or skill is required.

ALBANY, N.Y. Some states say if there’s any amount of chance then it’s a game of chance but New York says there must be no material amount of chance.

Draft Kings is still allowing entries from New York users while its lawsuit proceeds. But the issue at hand isn’t a simple one. Both websites are fighting back, asking the courts to throw out the Attorney General’s litigation, arguing their sites aren’t a form of gambling, rather a game of skill, not chance. DerOhannesian says both sides have a valid point.

While bets sometimes come with Sunday night football, NFL fans are no longer playing on daily fantasy sites like Fan Duel and Draft Kings

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