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The officers had complained again and again, but finally just worked around the problem, fedexing the tool kit from site to site. The report found aging blast doors over missile silos that would not seal shut, and discovered only one — yes, one — specialty tool kit available to attach warheads to missiles. That one kit had to be shared among 450 missiles at three distant sites. Martha is with us now from Washington. Martha Raddatz has traveled to many of these sites, and reports on many of the stunning findings. But that’s not the way to do it. There will now be two at each site. Tonight, the Pentagon sounding the alarm on stunning revelations on nuclear missiles. And today’s revelations about mismanagement in our nuclear defenses are just as unbelievable. But the secretary is hoping that the infusion of billions more dollars will fix those problems that remain, and improve discipline and morale in the service. One tool kit being shared? Reporter: Defense officials say the tool kit wasn’t used that often, but the problem has now been fixed. David? Two tool kits now. performance in the coming months. They were creative and innovative, and they made it work. Now to the brewing battle

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This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.. Reporter: The problems have been vast, from cheating, gambling, to charges of a drunken general fraternizing with suspicious foreign women in Russia. Thank you. Martha, thank you

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