Justin Bieber Tweets About Christmas Album for Charity

Its too bad, though, that not every celebrity chooses to put their fame toward raising money for a good cause. It has been more than a year since Bieber has released new music, and fans are definitely anxious for new releases from Justin. Fortunately, Justin realizes his fame can be used for the better. This holiday album should keep them content to wait a bit longer for Justin to release another pop album.

If any pop star can raise a decent amount of bucks for charity, it is Bieber. we are going to try and raise alot of money this year for charity!. He can provide his fans with another album and donate those proceeds to the less fortunate, hopefully making the holiday season of some less fortunate folks a little brighter.

Justin Bieber has not specified the expected release date of his holiday album or to what charity he intends to donate the proceeds.

Its going to be a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season for Beliebers! Justin Bieber made an announcement today (August 25) on Twitter that he has been in the studio recording a special album for Christmas! His goal? To raise a ton of money for charity.

Justin Bieber tweeted: So its truebeen in the studio doing something special for christmas

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