Don’t you feel bad for David Moyes?

He’s still a good one and should manage a great team in the future.

It was a risk hiring someone who hasn’t got a great record against other big teams in the Premier League and who hasn’t won any trophies, let alone a major one.

He said we should expect a slow start.

In my opinion, he would have improved the next season, because he knew which players aren’t good enough and would have bought in new players and got rid of some of the ones who we currently have. The current system isn’t working, because our players aren’t used to it and don’t suit it. .

Nearly one bad season with Manchester United doesn’t make him a bad manager though.

Moyes did get a lot of hate from Manchester United fans, but lets not forget he’s still a great manager and I did feel bad for him.

He obviously didn’t do good enough in his first season.

Van Gaal is proven at the top level and is a better option than Moyes.

A change of formation will make a huge different in my opinion

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